An unparalleled insider’s look at the management practices that have made McDonald’s a household name on six continents – that everyone can use. What is it about McDonald’s that has made it not only the number-one fast-food franchise in the world, but a branding icon second only to Coca-Cola for world wide name recognition? Few people are as well qualified to answer that question as Paul Facella. Beginning behind the counter at age sixteen, Facella literally grew up in the company’s culture. From counter, to grill, to Regional Vice President, Facella, over the course of his distinguished thirty-four year career at McDonald’s, developed an intimate knowledge of the fast-food behemoth’s management practices as well as personal ties to its legendary leaders, including founder Ray Kroc, former CEO’s Fred Turner, Mike Quinlan, Jack Greenberg and former President Ed Rensi. In Everything I Know About Business I Learned at McDonald’s Paul Facella takes readers inside to offer them a uniquely intimate and authoritative look at the McDonald’s organization, system, and culture. He extracts powerful lessons for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs in all industries on leadership, people development, and teamwork.

  • Features invaluable insights into what makes McDonald’s tick, including lessons and strategies learned from conversations with the company’s top echelon that can be used in any business.
  • Provides an up-close-and-personal look at McDonald’s results-driven culture where talent is cultivated and thrives from the corner restaurant to the corner office.
  • Examines the seven leadership principles that drove McDonald’s unique success. These principles include Honesty and Integrity, Communications, Courage, Lead by Example, Recognition, Relationships, and Standards.
  • Explores the winner workings of this global power, with the full cooperation and support of McDonald’s Corporation and Facella was given unparalleled access to the company’s executive staff and its corporate archives.