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Eric Partaker, Founder & Director

"Not only have we received sound and actionable advice across every single area of the business -- from sales & marketing, operations and training, and culture to site-finding, new store openings, public relations, branding, and customer experience -- but we've also been equally impressed with the timely responses to our queries and high level of accessibility. Paul and his network have been incredibly helpful to us during our critical start-up phase and initial roll-out."

Thomas Canty, Director of Operational Services/Optimization

"Thanks again for your excellent Facilitation during our "3 Days of Restaurant Excellence." To a person everyone felt the two of you added value to our effort and objective as outside facilitators.  We are well on our way.  This was the first time this entire group was in the same room rigorously discussing their Accountabilities and Leadership in improving Operations--HUGE WIN!!"

Raymond Mines, Executive Vice President

"Many years ago when I was making my way throughout the ranks at McDonald's, one of my most important mentors was the Vice President of McDonald's New York Region- Paul Facella. These days, Paul is providing his abundant management wisdom through Inside Management.

Brian Darby, Vice President of Development

"When your business plan demands site criteria and requirements as rigid and critical as ours are at Boston Market, you need a doggedly determined Development Partner as experienced and skillful in land acquisition and building procedures as ours are - the very knowledgeable expansion consultants at Inside Management.!"

Craig DeBaun, Commissioner

"Our fire district includes six firehouses, two district buildings, 26 pieces of mobile equipment, 14 pieces of fire apparatus, four rescue vehicles including two ambulances, 13 paid full-time employees, and we schedule 225 volunteers to cover every hour of every day in the year. We better run it like a successful business-- and we do, thanks to IM"

Nathan Serota, President, CEO

"I've known Paul Facella and have been familiar with his business skills for years. He and his people, who are thoroughly knowledgeable, run their organization in a highly professional manner. Paul, especially, is a skilled administrator and a very effective business coach. There is no aspect of commerce or industry where they can't be of help."

Sinclair Beecham, Founder

"I worked with Paul Facella looking for first sites for Pret in New York. It was an exciting time and I needed to be supported with integrity. Paul knew his way around the market and helped us to achieve the results we needed"

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