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Fire Service Programs

Few organizations can be as challenging as the volunteer fire service. From the diversity of the membership, to the increasing training required, it is a complex organization. Getting people to not only give up their time, but put them through physical and mental stress, and then expose them to a risk prone environment...it is clearly challenging. In this time of two family incomes and other external pressures, making certain that the culture of these organizations is positive and compelling to its members is vital. This is clearly the responsibility of leadership within these organizations. Our organization can assist you in this area.

There is also a concerning trend that has been tracked by the media, and while it involves a small minority of actors, it can have devastating impact on the organization. It is called "Reputation Management", and its potential to destroy years of good will and trust with the community is real. Our consultants can help assess, formulate, and administer programs and tools to help curb the potential threat of negative press.

Sound Business Solutions from a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Consulting Group

We partner with our client's department to deliver a seamless solution for their organization.

Who we Are:
We are a business consulting group of individuals with both corporate and firematic experience.

We Identify Your Needs:
We work with you to provide solutions to the needs of your organization. In some cases, a internal survey is conducted.

Training Programs:
We work with our clients to customize our programs to their specific needs. Our highly skilled trainers are hand selected by IM to assist with your organization training needs.

Pricing Structure:
We work with you and your organization to deliver programs that fit your organization's budget. In some cases, this is best accomplished by "teaming" with another department to gain greater value.

Fire District & Department Training Programs:

Leadership: Basic & Advanced

  • Management vs. Motivation
  • Influencing Others
  • From Firefighter to Officer
  • Understanding Trust
  • Inspirational Leadership/Presence
  • Situational Leadership

Getting Volunteers to Volunteer

  • Keys to Motivation
  • Importance of recognition
  • Recruitment and Retention

Discipline in the Fire Service

  • Maintaining Balance of Leadership & Friendship
  • Fire ground vs. Fire House
  • Establishment of Code of Conduct

The Art of Communication

  • Building Successful Teams
  • Dealing with Change
  • Delegation
  • Culture & Environment
  • Leadership Styles

Harassment and It's Implications to the Fire Service

  • Understanding the Basics
  • Legal Issues
  • Perception vs. Reality
  • Sensitivity & Understanding
  • Fair Labor Standards Act/ OSHA
  • Diversity and it's Implications

Respect, Trust, Integrity

  • How Leaders Establish these traits
  • Cultural Change
  • Earning the "right" to be an Officer

Diversity, Respect & Inclusion in the Fire Service

  • Why It Matters
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Advantages of a Diverse Firehouse
  • Hostile or Offensive Work Environment
  • Officer/Member Responsibilities

Setting Direction and Vision for Leaders

  • Why it is So Important
  • Measurement
  • "People Support what They Help Create"
  • Building a Positive Environment
  • Establishment of Performance Standards
  • Recognition and Reward

Paid District Employee Services Offered:

  • An Up-to-date employee handbook
  • Human Resources Support
  • Compliance
  • Performance Review System (Appraisal System) & Train the Evaluator Sessions
  • Facilitation of Meetings & Workflow Organization
  • Review of Policy & Procedures, job descriptions, work assignments.

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