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"Getting my monthly coaching has improved our organizations growth substantially."
Eric Partaker, Chilango
Cofounder, United Kingdom
Whether you manufacture, process or ship, provide wholesale or retail products or services – from an office, a store, a restaurant or on the road – the Inside Management team can help shape plans, assist in smart decisions, even supplement your staff to put your sales goal over the top while improving your bottom line – all quite affordably.
"Best selling book now in 7 languages" and "McNuggets of wisdom at McDonald's" Business Week Feb. 5 2009
Everything I know about business I learned at McDonalds
Written by president and CEO of Inside Management, Ltd. Paul Facella
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March 7th, St. John's University, NY; Presentation on "Lesson's of Leadership in Business"
March 28th, Scottsdale Arizona, 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference; Panel Moderator, "What's the Special Sauce?"
October 28 2011 New York State Association of Fire Districts; Presentation; "Diversity, Respect and Inclusion in the Fire Service"
October 8th 2011 Flower Tent Corp. Presentation to Franchisee's; "5 Common Mistakes of Business Organizations" Wilkes Barre, Pa.
June 17 2011 "Everything I Learned About Business I Learned at McDonalds" makes the NY Times Summer Reading List.
Febuary 8th 2011 International of Culinary Education, NYC; Presentation, "Behind the Arches"
10/10 NY Business Expo NY; "Supersize your success through Customer Service"
5/10 Boston Business Expo; "Supersize your success through Customer Service"

PrideTHE PRIDE™ PROGRAM is a proven development and retention program for today's fast-paced business environment. The program is aimed at increasing leadership, supervisory and project management skills. It is delivered in three hour modules, either on-site or off, and is designed to be completed within your company's specific timeframe. The Pride Program consists of 18 modules that can be delivered in its entirety, or in various customized combinations of modules selected individually or in bundles that fit your organizational goals. Gateways to Leadership Program GATEWAYS TO LEADERSHIP™ PROGRAM is a process designed for high achievers/ contributors with potential to advance within an organization. The process incorporates one-on-one coaching, structured training and group interactivity. The process is designed to assist new supervisors in making the transition from team member to team leader. This program has won two National Awards for its excellence in developing people.

This 2-Time Nationally Award Winning Program has been actively operating for more than 13 years - still Going Strong and has 300+ graduates!
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