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Depending upon your business needs, these activities, when properly planned can contribute mightily to the espirit de corps, as well as to the overall success of your business plan. IM offers proven expertise that avoids "wheel spinning" while keeping the firm focused on the purpose of these special events and meetings - whether they are internal or external, no meeting is too big or too small. Our in-house experts have years of experience in the hotel/meeting conference arena. They can help guide you to a successful event.

Planning and execution of meetings and events including on premise "supervision".

  • Corporate / Social / Association
  • Business Meetings
  • Internal High-Level Board Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Client Meetings
  • New Store Openings
  • Anniversary Events
  • Annual Plan Presentation
  • Facilitated "Brainstorming" Sessions
  • Exciting Multimedia Events
  • Employee Events
    • Picnics
    • Christmas Parties
    • Corporate Outings
    • Sales Incentives

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March 7th, St. John's University, NY; Presentation on "Lesson's of Leadership in Business" March 28th, Scottsdale Arizona, 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference; Panel Moderator, "What's the Special Sauce?" October 28 2011 New York State Association of Fire Districts; Presentation; "Diversity, Respect and Inclusion in the Fire Service" October 8th 2011 Flower Tent Corp. Presentation to Franchisee's; "5 Common Mistakes of Business Organizations" Wilkes Barre, Pa. June 17 2011 "Everything I Learned About Business I Learned at McDonalds" makes the NY Times Summer Reading List. Febuary 8th 2011 International of Culinary Education, NYC; Presentation, "Behind the Arches" 10/10 NY Business Expo NY; "Supersize your success through Customer Service" 5/10 Boston Business Expo; "Supersize your success through Customer Service"